Protect What Matters - Your Home

The Guardian Insurance Agency is a client-centered team of qualified professionals who strive to protect our clients homes from all of life’s
unexpected events. Our first class staff is committed to providing the right protection through education, innovation and honesty
We provide home insurance solutions to protect our clients assets. Our clients eniov the things the have, and we assist them in making
educated home insurance decisions about what kind and how much insurance to purchase. We are an outstanding resource for educating
our clients and make ourselves available to answer an insurance questions.
We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.  We have superior availability for our clients. because our clients are more like family.

GIA Home Insurance

Curious to know more about how an independent agency can find you greater coverage for your  home for less cost?



Our Smart Plan - Home

Within each of these packages, you have plenty of flexibility - you can raise or lower limits in virtually every toe of coverage, and add or change coverage. Your agent is able to show you how each change would affect your premium.

Designed for homeowners who are just starting out. the Standard package balances affordability with the features that really matter


Established homeowners tend to want more- The Enhanced package accommodates higher policy limits and includes several extra features.


The Premier package comes with the highest limits and coverage on personal property, and can include Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage for your home if certain requirements are met.